Wes Burdine

Wes and Mercy Seat go way back. A native Pennsylvanian, Wes was writing liturgies for Mercy Seat even when he had to travel out on weekends to play them at church. Thankfully now he lives in Northeast Minneapolis and works as Mercy Seat’s Liturgical Coordinator. In 2004, he released the album “This is How I Discovered Gold,” which was a lo-fi jaunt through alt-country and rock ‘n’ roll that David de Young of howwastheshow.com called full of “well-crafted, thought-provoking songs.” He followed this up by forming a band (Wes Burdine & the Librarians) and releasing the pop music fueled “Jose Canseco EP.” Rob van Alstyne of The Pulse called it, “It’s the sunny pop music day that follows This Is How I Discovered Gold’s long and tormented night.”

Now, Wes is a PhD student at the University of Minnesota and continues to write liturgies for Mercy Seat as well as playing with the Twin Cities rock outfit, The Small Cities. He also released the best children’s album of all time, recorded for his niece Katie for Christmas of 2009, called Unicorn Rock! (follow the link to download it for free).

For more of his music, you can go to his website.