We’re Expecting!

(More Mercy)

And we only need 145 shares to make Mercy Seat work for 2014!
Twenty dollars a week. This is a share.
So, how about it? Can you Spare a Share?

Dear Friends of Mercy Seat:

First things first. Thank You. With your help, we’ve done something really good and beautiful and sort of surprising even. We are growing a faith community that does not need to shame and manipulate people into joining and giving. Because of the permission of God’s grace and the freedom that it gives you, you’ve helped to make it happen.

As Mercy Seat continues to grow, so do our ministry needs. We currently have two growing edges that we’d like to address. First, we are in the midst of a minor baby boom, with some very stressed out and busy young parents. We want to provide support for those parents and their kiddos, in and out of Mercy Seat. Second, we’d like to start building a youth program for older kids (grades 1 to 5). Recognizing these needs, we are proposing that, for 2014, we aim for the ambitious goal of funding 30 staff hours a month toward these two ministries.

We know how hard you work for your money. We know there are a lot of worthy causes to give to, but we genuinely believe in what we are doing and we are asking you, now, to become a pledging member and help us reach this year’s goal: 145 shares for a total of $151,300.

How do we get to 145 shares? Please thoughtfully and prayerfully consider these three giving options.

  1. We are asking everyone who considers Mercy Seat their church to commit to at least one share of $20 per week ($87 per month). Is Mercy Seat your church? Even if you don’t come every week? Then please give a share. Or maybe you belong to another church but still want to see Mercy Seat thrive? Your shares are welcome here.
  2. If you are not a student or under a load of debt and you’d like to make a bigger commitment, we encourage you to give more than one share. Can you commit to 2 or 3 or 10 shares? We would love it!
  3. Since many of you have suggested it, we’d like you to consider tithing, that is, giving one tenth of your net income to Mercy Seat. Please know that this is not an expectation. We are making this part of our fund drive because several of you have discovered a gift in tithing and see it as a meaningful expression of your life and faith.

Can you spare a share? Or two or five or ten? Please think it over and pray about it. And, as you feel comfortable, fill out the enclosed pledge card and place it in the offering plate or in the mail. We are grateful for you and we want to be the Church that we hear God calling us to be: Mercy Seat.

To give to MercySeat fill out a share form at church, give a recurring amount through Thrivent Simply Giving by filling out this form, or give through our Dwolla giving page. Whatever you do you can let our treasurers know that you pledged at


Mercy Seat Committee of the Future

2014 Proposed Budget

Staff Salaries and Benefits $117,313
Music Ministrie $20,000
Childcare and Education $11,700
Rent $3,600
Banking and Insurance $4,500
Worship Expenses $500
Events $1,000
Mission Support
(5% of congregational giving)
Savings $1,500
Total $167,525

Tithing Table
(to help you figure out what tithing might look like):

Annual net income:

$10,440 = 1 Share ($20 per week or $87 per month)

$20,880 = 2 Shares ($40 per week or $174 per month)

$32,320 = 3 Shares ($60 per week or $261 per month)

$41,769 = 4 Shares ($80 per week or $348 per month)

$52,200 = 5 Shares ($100 per week or $435 per month)

$62,640 = 6 Shares ($120 per week or $522 per month)

$73,080 = 7 Shares ($140 per week or $609 per month)

$83,520 = 8 Shares ($160 per week or $696 per month)

$93,960 = 9 Shares ($180 per week or $783 per month)

$104,400 = 10 Shares ($200 per week or $870 per month)