Scott Randall Munson

Scott Randall Munson is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Scott engineers and produces commercial, film, and independent music out of his own Blacktop Studio. He is a member of the indie rock outfit The Small Cities, helps make soul music as part of Gospel Machine, and plays shows under his own name as well.

Mercy Seat gave Scott his first composing commission back in 2008 resulting in the spiritual-inspired The Good News Bad News Mass. Scott continued composing for Mercy Seat and debuted his cinematic, layered The Sacraments Mass in 2009. His third mass, the spare Middle America Mass,  debuted in 2011 and evolved to its finished form in 2012.

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You can preview The Good News Bad News Mass:

The Sacraments Mass:

The Middle America Mass: