Mass for the End of the World

Debuted during Lent of 2007, Mass for the End of the World is pop music for the resurrection. It was written to transition from the mediation on morbidity of the Lenten season to the celebration of Christ’s resurrection. It opens with the Biblical paraphrase in the Antiphon: “Oh Lord reveal my end so I may measure out my days and pull my string taut so I see how fragile it may be” and closes with the 60s inspired: “Gimme the End of the World.” In writing the liturgy, I wanted to celebrate the idea of apocalypse and the end of the world as a daily invocation of the resurrection and rebirth. The liturgy is typically performed by Jimmy Osterholt, David Osborn, and Leif Bjornson of The Small Cities, Linnea Mohn of Rogue Valley and The Alpha Centauri, and Charissa Osborn, formerly of Wes Burdine & the Librarians.