Two or More Mass

September 23, 2014

Two or More Mass is the work of Tangled Blue, which consists of Joel and Aimee Pakan. Joel and Aimee have traveled the world with their music and are finally bringing it home to Mercy Seat in a liturgical setting. They named it “Two or More” as a reflection of the woven harmonies throughout all of the songs.


Tangled Blue

tangled blueJoel and Aimee Pakan have attended Mercy Seat for years as musicians who go to church. Finally, we’re getting them to bring their music to the church through their group Tangled Blue. From their website: Tangled Blue began in the winter of 1995 when the duo first met, but they didn’t realize it until five years later. In the summer of 2000, Aimée (vocals, percussion) and Joel (vocals, guitar) performed together for the first time. In September of 2001 Aimée and Joel were married and would soon start performing together as Tangled Blue. Their first recording was completed in early 2003. Recorded at a farm house in Menomonie, Wisconsin, it is a caffeinated folk-rock blend of songs that have shown their durability as the duo traveled with them over 500,000 miles of U.S. highways. In 2005 Aimée and Joel relocated to Texas and in early 2007 left for an extended tour that has taken them from Texas to Hawaii to Florida to the Dakotas and everywhere in between. With a new residence in Minneapolis Minnesota, Tangled Blue completed a recording based on the season of Advent in 2008 and a Christmas recording in 2011.