Scott Randall Munson

August 20, 2013

Scott Randall Munson is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and composer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Scott engineers and produces commercial, film, and independent music out of his own Blacktop Studio. He is a member of the indie rock outfit The Small Cities, helps make soul music as part of Gospel Machine, and plays shows under his own name as well.

Mercy Seat gave Scott his first composing commission back in 2008 resulting in the spiritual-inspired The Good News Bad News Mass. Scott continued composing for Mercy Seat and debuted his cinematic, layered The Sacraments Mass in 2009. His third mass, the spare Middle America Mass,  debuted in 2011 and evolved to its finished form in 2012.

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You can preview The Good News Bad News Mass:

The Sacraments Mass:

The Middle America Mass:


The Middle America Mass

October 28, 2011

Scott debuted this mass in October 2011. In his own words:
The Middle America Mass was composed during a season of recovery from an overseas automobile accident that left me unable to play music or work for a number of months. Mercy Seat kept me afloat during that season, providing for me physically, financially, spiritually, and emotionally. As I returned to playing music again I wrote this mass for Mercy Seat. The music calls out quietly from the place that we call home – a spare, honest sound in a large, open space.
Listen to recordings of the liturgy below:


The Sacraments Mass

March 10, 2010

The Sacraments Mass is a site-specific mass fully scored for six musicians. Instrumentation includes a marching bass drum, violin, effected guitars, designed sounds, church organ, and grand piano. With its enveloping layers of sound this second mass embraces the difficult mysteries of faith and aspires to the sacred in liturgy.


The Good News Bad News Mass

March 9, 2010

With The Good News Bad News Mass I sought to incorporate the passion of the Negro spirituals that I love into the sonic context of a western high-church setting, with its enormous acoustic space, refined grand piano, and explosive church organ. The resulting songs have a bit of ache and a bit of old time gospel to them.