Hamburg Mass

January 31, 2013

Greg Schaefer’s Hamburg Mass debuted in February 2013. In his own words:

Dedicated to my father William H. Schaefer (1924-1991) born in Hamburg, MN. As the years have passed I have realized that he was the source of my creativity and love of music. Hamburg is memory in my past, but profoundly effects who I am today.

My father was a creative thinker who was both plain spoken and complex. So instead of solely relying on the standard liturgical lyrics as I have done in the past, with Hamburg I wrote my own. The lyrics are intentionally simple to foster contemplation, the melody’s are intentionally easy to enable participation, but the chords moving underneath have complexity.

The liturgy can be performed with instrumentation as simple as voice / guitar or any size ensemble.


Thanksgiving Liturgy

January 18, 2012

Greg Schaefer composed the Thanksgiving Liturgy on banjo the Saturday after the 2011 Thanksgiving holiday. The title is in reference to the holiday but not confined to it, because every day of life can be Thanksgiving. By it’s nature the banjo gives the songs a rootsy feel, but the intention was the punk rock rock style of short concise simple songs.

I’m thrilled to have assembled an all star ensemble for the liturgy’s debut:
Dana Thompson (Minor Planets) – vocals / guitar
Drew Miller (Boiled in Lead, Felonious Bosch) – bass
Grant Johnson (Bitter Spills) – guitar
Greg Schaefer (GST) – banjo


Greg Schaefer

March 10, 2010

Greg has been involved with music his entire life, but never professionally. He played trumpet through high school, guitar in punk bands during the 80’s, and currently lead the jazz quartet GST. His most exciting project is whatever he’s currently working on. When not playing music, he’s a software engineer and lives in Golden Valley with his wonderful family, feeling blessed every day.


Agnes Liturgy

Named after my departed Mother who was and is my spiritual mentor.

It was written over a 2 week period in late 2008. I am not a lyricist, so all words are from the traditional liturgy. As a composer I speak in melody and the Agnes liturgy is my voice. Performing it brings me joy and I hope it has a similar effect on the congregation. Agnes can be performed by a single musician or an ensemble.

The Agnes Liturgy is performed with a roving list of musicians that may or may not include:  acclaimed jazz vocalist Nancy Harms, Dana Thompson (of Hothead Fiasco and Minor Planets), Hal Longley  (of Century Brass and Chooglin’), Bob DeBoer (GST and Chooglin’), Tony Watercott  (GST), and Joe Cline  (GST).