Chris Koza

March 12, 2010

Chris Koza is a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based singer/songwriter, and has released three albums since 2004 — “Exit Pesce,” “Patterns,” and “A Friend of a Friend” (EP). Music critics have compared Chris’ sound to Wilco, Paul Simon, Nick Drake, Beck, and Ryan Adams, among others. He performs live with a band, which includes anywhere from 2-7 members.

Deep into autumn of 2004 Chris released his debut album “Exit Pesce” in an apartment. But it wasn’t until early the following year when a little blurb by Rob van Alstyne of the Pulse Magazine was printed before anyone really took notice of the album, calling Exit Pesce “An under-the-radar-music-stunner-phenomenon”

In April 2006, Chris released “Patterns,” which went on to receive more acclaim, including a Minnesota Music Award for Best Pop Recording (Chris also won the Best Male Vocalist award).

At the end of 2006, Patterns was kindly included in some local best-of lists, coming in at 10 in the Star Tribune’s annual Twin Cities Critics Tally, and at 1 in Chris Riemenschneider’s (Star Tribune Music Critic) top ten local albums list.

In April of 2010, he started his next adventure: transforming the Chris Koza band into Rogue Valley. This magical transformation occurred on the stage of the Historic Fitzgerald Theater.

Listen to an audio preview/interview with Chris:

And now you can hear live recordings of Song of the Earth Mass:


Song of the Earth Mass

In May 2010, Chris Koza is debuting his Song of the Earth Mass. As Minnesota Monthly described it (in a much appreciated shout-out): “Every Sunday in May, Koza will take over Mercy Seat Lutheran in Northeast Minneapolis as the church’s latest composer-in-residence, reworking the Lutheran liturgy into a folk/pop arrangement he’s calling the “Song of the Earth Mass,” promising ‘occasionally mysterious chord progressions and ever-present vocal harmonies.'” For a preview and an interview with Chris, listen below.

To hear a live recording of Song of the Earth Mass: