Interim Pastor

Galen Hora

contact: [email protected]

galen_horaAlthough not running from the law, Pastor Galen admits escaping from a small town in Iowa when he was 18. He fled from a future as a house painter (the profession his father had fallen into), and tentatively embraced a future accompanied by majors in psychology and Greek from Wartburg College. A narrow future, really. Seminary was the only route to go, and then ministry after that. He avoided it for one more year by completing a master’s degree in Richmond, Virginia (yes, another seminary!). Then he faced the inevitable–a call to a congregation in Greensboro, North Carolina, the city remembered for lunch counter sit-ins. three months after Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.

Doors close and windows open. Pr. Galen left the parish behind to pursue a future in ministry on college campuses. Over the next several decades he served universities in Miami, Pittsburgh, Brookings, Ann Arbor, and the Twin Cities. He was invited to join the ELCA national staff team, ending his career in ministry as a church bureaucrat (sometimes house painting seemed attractive). He escaped that by sort of retiring and becoming a consultant. Really?!

Galen found Kris, the love of his life, in Pittsburgh. She is a school social worker, retired from the Anoka Hennepin District. Together they have five children and eight grandchildren. They share life together in Andover.